Brownlow Hill Pty Limited BioBank

The Brownlow Hill Pty Limited BioBank is a 24.1-hectare property near Cambden in Western Sydney. The site, established in Jan 2011, was required to deposit AUD $1,450,954 (Jan 2011) to the BioBank Trust Fund. The estimated profit of the bank is expected to be AUD $2,948,310 (Jan 2011). See biobank register:

Bank Statistics

Date Established: 2011 Status: Active Bank Size: 24.1 hectares
Country: Australia State/Province: New South Wales Other Location: Brownlow Hill
Species/Habitat types:

Grey Box - Forest Red Gum grassy woodland on shale of the Southern Cumberland plain, Sydney Basin

Credits Awarded: 246 Credits Sold: 150
Program in which the bank operates: BioBanking (New South Wales)
Bank Contact Information:
Bank Regulator Information:

New South Wales Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water

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Last Updated: March 14, 2011