Burnaby habitat bank

This is the North Fraser Harbour Commission's (NFHC) second habitat bank (the first was the North Fraser Harbour Habitat Bank). The bank was constructed in Burnaby, as part of a joint initiative between the NFHC, the municipality of Burnaby and DFO, with financial contributions from the Fraser River Action Program. This area is less than 400 square metres of marsh. The cost of the credits has been set by the NFHC at $90/m2.

Bank Statistics

Date Established: Status: Active Bank Size: acre
Country: Canada State/Province: British Columbia Other Location: Vancouver
Species/Habitat types: Credits Awarded: Credits Sold:
Program in which the bank operates: Fish Habitat Compensation (Canada)
Bank Contact Information:
Bank Regulator Information:
Data Source:


Last Updated: June 16, 2010