Malua BioBank

Public-private partnership with the Sabah state government. The bank sells biodiversity conservation certificates representing 100-square meters of restoration and protection of the Malua forest. Conservation activities include restoring forest canopy cover, building and maintaining orangutan bridges, anti-poaching patrols and education, plantive native tree species, and wildlife monitoring with camera traps. The Malua Trust, an endowment managed by HSBC trustees, aims to oversee and finance the conservation management of the Malua Forest.

Bank Statistics

Date Established: 2008 Status: Active Bank Size: 34000.0000 hectares
Country: Malaysia State/Province: Sabah Other Location:
Species/Habitat types:

Lowland and freshwater wetland/rain forest

Credits Awarded: Credits Sold:
Program in which the bank operates: Malua BioBank (Sabah)
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Last Updated: June 17, 2010