New Brunswick Department of Transportation (NBOT) developed a HADD compensation bank to compensate for the impacts of the Trans-Canadian Highway Project (TCHP). NBDOT and the national Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) jointly developed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on August 29, 2005 to ensure the HADD compensation Program was successfully completed. The MOU also acknowledged that this would not be a typical HADD Bank as defined under the Fisheries Act whereby proponents create habitat improvements for future use as compensation when a project is carried out. Instead, the MOU describes that authorizations can be issued by DFO approving the destruction of fish habitat in advance of compensation plans being completed. Restoration activities: Removal of in stream barriers, Installation of fish ladders, New pipe/structure installation (completed by NBDOT), Stream realignment and bank stabilization, Removal of fish passage barriers, Tree planting, and Educational signing (completed by partner NGOs) Actual HADD compensation credit from the NBDOT TCHP HADD Compensation bank was 137,445 m2 credits (area improved: 453,630 m2), which exceeded their requirements by 53,545 m2 HADD compensation credits. The surplus credits realized from the TCHP compensation program would ordinarily be lost at the completion of the project, however, DFO have indicated that their department is willing to enter into an agreement to have the surplus credits banked for future work. The HADD bank cost $1.8 million (2005 CA$). NBDOT also noted that the costs per square metre for the projects ranged from $2.00 - $60.00 with an average of $12.40/m2 which was below NBDOT’s historical cost of 21.00/m2. The design-build firm of the road-building project, Brun-Way, ended up impacting more fish habitat than originally project and therefore implemented its own HADD compensation program (additional to the NBDOT work). This work resulted in 175 097 m2 of credits (area improved: 523 840 m2), again generating surplus credits of 102,797 m2. 90,000 m2 of these surplus credits were transferred to NBDOT for their use as part of a new NBDOT HADD Bank initiative. The total project (NBDOT TCHP HADD Compensation bank AND the Brun-Way HADD compensation) HADD compensation credit surplus was approximately 143,000 m2 of credits. NBDOT and DFO are currently in the process of finalizing a new MOU that will allow these surplus credits to be deposited in to a new HADD Compensation Bank.

Bank Statistics

Date Established: 2005 Status: Inactive Bank Size: 45.3600 hectares
Country: Canada State/Province: New Brunswick Other Location: Fredericton
Species/Habitat types:

fish habitat

Credits Awarded: 137,445 Credits Sold:
Program in which the bank operates: No Associated Program
Bank Contact Information:
Bank Regulator Information:

Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), Atlantic Region - Ted Currie

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Last Updated: October 9, 2010