St. Croix River Salt Marsh Wetland and HADD Habitat Bank

In order to compensate for unavoidable alteration to several wetlands from planned twinning of Highway 101, Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal’s (NSTIR) developed a compensation (restoration) of three fallow dykeland sites along the St. Croix River (St. Croix River High Salt Marsh and Floodplain Wetland Restoration Project, or St. Croix Restoration Project), as required by the Nova Scotia Department of Environment (NSE) for the alteration of a wetland (NSEL 2006). Restoration activity: breaching an agricultural dyke

Bank Statistics

Date Established: 2007 Status: Active Bank Size: 10.0000 hectares
Country: Canada State/Province: Nova Scotia Other Location: West Hants County
Species/Habitat types:

fish habitat (salt marsh)

Credits Awarded: Credits Sold:
Program in which the bank operates: No Associated Program
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Last Updated: September 23, 2010