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Program Snapshot

Programs 40
Programs in development 20
Global payments per annum US$1.8-2.9 billion
Area protected or restored >86,000 ha
Most recent program 12/2010

US Market Snapshot

US wetland & stream banks 717
US species banks 102
Area protected or restored - annual 26,622 acres
Area protected or restored - cumulative 481,629 acres
Credit Price Range (US$) $1.5K - $650K

Offset and Compensation Programs

US Species Banks

US Species Bank Map West VirginiaSouth CarolinaFloridaMississippiTexasArizonaColoradoWashingtonUtah California Oregon
Global Payment Programs

Biodiversity PES

Link to our dataset of 51 government mediated biodiversity PES schemes.

US Wetland and Stream Bank Map

US Wetland & Stream Banks

Link to our dataset of 832 US wetland and stream banks.

What is SpeciesBanking.com?

Speciesbanking.com is a global information clearinghouse for a segment of biodiversity markets focusing on biodiversity offsetting, compensation and banking*. Until now, there has been no centralized information resource to serve researchers, policy makers, buyers, sellers, and other market participants. This site aims to provide a succinct answer to the question "What is happening in biodiversity offset and compensation programs around the world?" SpeciesBanking.com provides information at two levels: at the Program level and at the level of individual biodiversity banks.