Environmental Offsets (Sweden)

The concept of environmental offsets has been discussed in Sweden sience the middle of the 1990s, but the country's Environmental Code incorporates offsets that are mandatory in only a few cases. Legal regulations that provide for offsets attached to different permits, approvals and exemptions granted are not used extensively by the licensing authorities, even though some copmensation measures for road building are undertaken by the Swedish Roads Administration. With the exception of certain nature reserves including Natura 2000 areas, Sweden presently does not have strong legally binding requirements for environmental offsets. There have been several voluntary attempts in Swedish municipalities to implement environmental offsets in urban development planning. To date, there have been no proposals for the implementation of banking or copmensation pool schemes in Sweden.

Program Statistics

Date Established: 1995 Status: Active Program Type: One-Off Offset
About the program:
Annual size of program (area): (acre) Year of Data:
Cumulative size of program (area): (acre) Years of Data: -
Annual payments of program (US$): Year of Data:
Cumulative payments of program (US$): Years of Data: -
Notes on program size or payments:
Species or habitat types (if applicable):
Notes: http://www.forest-trends.org/~foresttr/publication_details.php?publicationID=2410
Bank regulator information: Swedish County Administration Board (Lansstyrelsen) Last Updated: November 21, 2010