Forest Conservation Act (Maryland)

The State of Maryland's Forest Conservation Plan establishes a threshold on forest land and requires either retention on-site, afforestation on-site, afforestation off-site, or a payment to a county compensation fund when development impacts forests. Conserved or afforested areas are permanently conserved in a conservation easement. Off-site forest mitigation banking is authorized in five counties. The law is copmliance-driven and comes into play during the development review process.

Program Statistics

Date Established: 1991 Status: Active Program Type: One-Off Offset
About the program:
Annual size of program (area): 11,013 (acre) Year of Data: 2007
Cumulative size of program (area): 110,131 (acre) Years of Data: 1993 - 2007
Annual payments of program (US$): 13,907 Year of Data: 2002
Cumulative payments of program (US$): 139,068 Years of Data: 1992 - 2002
Notes on program size or payments:

Program size information represents statewide acres retained and planted (retained: 94,599.6, planted: 15,531). The annual figure is the average figure over the 15-year period (1993-2007). Retained acres are under long term protection. Of the retained and planted acres, there are 2,138.6 acres in forest banks. The cumulative payments is at minimum, as this figure represents the amount of money given in grants for replanting projects over a ten year period, with funds coming from the State Forest Conservation Program Fee-In-Lieu Fund. The annual payment is also a minimum amount, and is the average of the ten-year figure mentioned previously.

Species or habitat types (if applicable): Forest
Bank regulator information: The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service administers the FCA, but the law is implemented on a local (County) level. Last Updated: October 1, 2010