Marine Fish Habitat Offsets (Queensland)

The first offset policy implemented in Queensland, the marine fish habitat offsets program, is driven by compliance for impacts to activities causing fish habitat loss under the 2002 policy Mitigation and Compensation for Activities and Works causing Marine Fish Habitat Loss FHMOP 005. The policy covers impacts on mangroves which essentially affects all coastal development in the state. It also contains a 'no net loss' statement and requires permit applicants to follow the mitigation hierarchy before offsetting the loss of fish habitat. Direct offsets are preferred; however, the regulator (the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries) does not accept an 'offset amount' in lieu of the direct offset. Direct offsets are created through enhancement, restoration, rehabilitation, or creation of fish habitat, or the exchange or securing of fish habitat in certain circumstances. Indirect offsets include applied research and education, training, or extension related to fish habitats. The policy includes mention of 'like-for-like' in terms of habitat types (mangrove, seagrass, saltcouch, and bare areas), habitat status, and habitat functions. There is a fish habitat impact/offset metric 2 which will be based on a field assessment of fish habitat condition and the area of disturbance/gain at the impact site and offset site.

Program Statistics

Date Established: 2002 Status: Active Program Type: Combination (One-Off Offset, Compensation)
About the program:
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Cumulative size of program (area): (acre) Years of Data: -
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Bank regulator information: Queensland Fisheries Service, Department of Primary Industries Last Updated: September 23, 2010