Third-party mitigation system (Sabah)

In the Malaysian state of Sabah, there has been recent interest in implementing a third-party mitigation system that could include habitat and biodiversity compensatory mitigation. Such a program could be based on the Environmental Protection Enactment (EPE) of 2002, which includes the first steps towards creating a habitat mitigation banking market by requiring mitigation for environmental impacts. To date, there is no approval process for or a clear pathway to utilize third-party mitigation to fulfill the environmental requirements of the EPE.

Program Statistics

Date Established: Status: In-Progress Program Type: One-Off Offset
About the program:
Annual size of program (area): (acre) Year of Data:
Cumulative size of program (area): (acre) Years of Data: -
Annual payments of program (US$): Year of Data:
Cumulative payments of program (US$): Years of Data: -
Notes on program size or payments:
Species or habitat types (if applicable):
Bank regulator information: Sabah State Government of Malaysia Last Updated: October 4, 2010