TNC's Development by Design Pilot in Colombia

The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Conservation International and WWF are working with the Colombian Ministry of Environment to apply TNC’s ‘Development by Design’ (DbD) framework. Although not an offset or compensation program in itself, the DbD approach will identify development impact and determine appropriate offsets with ecological equivalence. The scheme will also determine where the offsets might be sited to deliver rigorous and robust biodiversity benefits. TNC is implementing the DbD approach to offset impacts of coal mining in the Cesar region in Colombia.

Program Statistics

Date Established: Status: In-Progress Program Type: One-Off Offset
About the program:
Annual size of program (area): (acre) Year of Data:
Cumulative size of program (area): (acre) Years of Data: -
Annual payments of program (US$): Year of Data:
Cumulative payments of program (US$): Years of Data: -
Notes on program size or payments:
Species or habitat types (if applicable):
Notes: The Nature Conservancy, Responsible Sourcing of Agricultural Commodities: the way ahead in Brazil, 2009, available at
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