Vegetation Management Offsets (Queensland)

The Vegetation Management Offsets policy was enacted to "maintain the current extent" of native vegetation. After following a mitigation hierarchy, the policy allows offsets to compensate for clearing native vegetation and includes a standard method for determining ecological equivalence of offsets and a standard set of offset options. The Vegetation Management Act of 1999 regulates the clearing of vegetation over all land tenures in Queensland. Development applications that require vegetation clearing are assessed against a Regional Vegetation Management Code (RMVC). Offsets can be used to meet some of the performance requirements under the RVMC. Applicants for native vegetation clearance may create their own offsets within a 20-km radio of the impacted vegetation. Financial donations to a compensation fund are not allowed. Impacts are measured by the area cleared and offsets are required at ratios of 1:1 and 4:1 (offset to impact). Vegetation Management Offsets are created by maintenance and protection of particular ecosystem types. Offset option guidelines are provided in table format, focusing on the different ratios of offset to impact and 'ecological equivalence.' The offset must consider characteristics like: comparable vegetation, area, location, strategic position, regaining remnant status, and landscape context attributes. Ecosystens are categorized by their status, 'endangered', 'of concern', 'essential habitat', vegetation associated with wetlands, vegetation associated with watercourses and ecosystems at risk of falling below critical cut-offs. A review of the public register of offsets ( in November of 2010 found 4 'secured' offsets.

Program Statistics

Date Established: 1999 Status: Active Program Type: One-Off Offset
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Bank regulator information: Department of Environment and Resource Management, Last Updated: November 21, 2010