While there have been cases of oil and mining companies voluntarily compensating for impacts to biodiversity in Africa (Ghana, Guinea, Madagascar, and South Africa), there are few examples of biodiversity offset or compensation programs. Our research identified only one country with provincial guidelines developed, but these have not been officially adopted by the government as of yet. There are a few factors that hinder biodiversity market development in Africa. These include the fact that there are financial barriers, political instability, and disagreements within the conservation community on how and if biodiversity markets should be structured. However, there are opportunities in the greater attention on, concern for, and scrutiny of the link between business and biodiversity. In addition, countries are creating new regulations that leave space for economic instruments like biodiversity.

Active Programs in Africa

Number of Active Programs: 1
List of Active Programs: Environmental Action Plan (Madagascar)
Number of Programs in Development: 2
List of Programs in Development: Draft Biodiversity Offset Policy (Uganda), Draft National Offsets Framework (South Africa)