At present, the majority of offset-like programs in Asia fall within the category of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The region's EIA policies may lay a framework for a biodiversity markets by requiring adverse environmental impacts to be mitigated, but so far no third-party mitigation systems are known to be operated in Asia. Beyond government-led actions, voluntary and industry initiatives are arising in Asia, driven primarily by increasing public criticism of the environmental and social impacts of extractive and agribusiness industries.

Active Programs in Asia

Number of Active Programs: 4
List of Active Programs: Saipan's Upland Mitigation Bank, Malua BioBank (Sabah), Forest Vegetation Restoration Fee (China), Forest Vegetation Restoration Fee (China)
Number of Programs in Development: 5
List of Programs in Development: Biodiversity Offsets Study Group (Japan), Third-party mitigation system (Sabah), Multiple developments regarding biodiversity offsets in Indonesia, TNC's Development by Design Pilot in Mongolia, Biodiversity Law that covers Compensation for Damage to Biodiversity (Vietnam)